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Vintage Toys for Kids of All Ages in Dayton

Here at Toy FanAddict, we believe that vintage toys are extra special and we are passionate about keeping up our unique collection. If you’re looking for a personal, memorable gift for a child or friend, we’ve surely got something for you. Collectors, too, will enjoy looking through our wide selection of some of the most rare and interesting antique novelties. We are your go-to stop for classic figurines, dolls, and toys!

Find a truly special gift for your child. Visit our shop for unique vintage toys and collectibles!

About Toy FanAddict

Our toyshop was established in 2013 and since then it has been our joy to provide unique vintage toys to children, families, and collectors from Dayton and beyond. 

We specialize in rare and antique toys and are constantly working to keep our inventory full of special items for you to enjoy. We are dedicated to giving charming old toys new life!

Buy, Sell, or Trade

At Toy FanAddict, we buy, sell, and trade a variety of vintage collectible dolls, toys, and figurines. We do our best to maintain a full and varied collection of nostalgic favorites!

Consult our products and brands page to find out more about some of the toys we regularly try to keep in stock and feel free to call us if you’re curious about any toy not listed there. 

Contact Us

Our cozy store is located in Dayton, Ohio. We happily serve the broader West Carrollton area and welcome visiting customers, sellers, and traders from all over. 

If you are looking to purchase a specific toy, feel free to call or email us ahead of your visit to see if we have it in stock. 

If you’re looking to sell or trade your collectibles, you can contact us or visit our shop directly to inquire about our interest.
Variety of toys for kids available in the store in Dayton, OH

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